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Choosing the right wine glass

In the world of wine, you may be surprised to learn, not all glasses are made equal. If you want to get the best out of your red, keep the bubbles in your champagne or give your next rose the respect it deserves, you may well need to pay more attention to the glass you decide to use.

Here’s our quick guide to four glasses that should just about cover everything and should be in your cupboard. One rule you should always observe, first of all, is to buy wine glasses that taper inwards towards the top.

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A Quick Guide to the Bordeaux Region

There are few regions that encompass wine more completely than Bordeaux in France.

If you’re a wine enthusiast, then a visit to this area should certainly be top of your bucket list and there’s plenty to see and do all year round besides discovering all that wine. While you can expect to find plenty of sleepy, exclusive looking chateaus across the region, the Bordeaux wine scene itself is extremely vibrant and continuously innovative in its approach.

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