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Modern Wine and Food Pairings

Wine and food pairings are generally a matter of personal preference although there are some guidelines that we follow to ensure the best dining experience possible.

The idea is to complement your food with a good bottle of wine so that our taste buds aren’t overpowered and that the true taste of both the wine and the food come through.

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A Brief History of Wine

The next time you walk down the supermarket aisle looking for wine or visit a vineyard in the heart of France, spare a thought for the history associated with all those bottles. Wine making is one of the oldest professions and has been around since we started congregating together in communities.

Why anyone decided to turn those grapes into an alcoholic treat is anyone’s guess. Perhaps it was just chance when various grapes and berries were left to ferment and someone was brave enough to taste the end results.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Wine Tasting

We can all get lost in the terminology and quasi-poetic aspects of wine. There are undoubtedly plenty of professionals and enthusiastic amateurs who can wax lyrical on the benefits of one particular grape over another, sometimes postulating things us mere mortals find difficult to comprehend.

If you’ve been invited to your first wine tasting, the good news is that it’s not as complicated nor as high-brow as you think. And if you want to grow your wine knowledge and expertise, there’s plenty you can do – all it takes is a little effort and focus.

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Navis Mysterium – Mystery Wine of the Sea

Now You Can Enjoy Wine Matured in the Sea

It’s not the first location you think of when choosing a wine, but Croatia has had a decent reputation for quality over the years. The country has been making wine dating way back to the time of the Greeks, with the majority of production being given over to white wines.

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