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At Winebuyers, our mission is to make sure we find the right wine for you. 

If it’s vegan wine you’re after, you’re in luck.  

With our vegan wine filter, you can access over 700 tasty vegan red wines, white wines, sparkling wines, you name it.

Explore our range of honest, delicious vegan wine that's good for animals, the earth and you.

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Why would wine not be vegan?

The short answer is to do with the winemaking process. A process called ‘fining’ is undertaken to make wine clear and taste less bitter. Some wines are ‘fined’ using products of animal origin, usually egg whites, fish proteins or milk proteins. These days, a lot of winemakers use a clay-based finer called bentonite or products based on vegetable such as peas and potatoes. These don't affect the taste and get the job done just as well.


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