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Type Spirits
Country/Region Italy, Trentino
Alcohol 33%
Product number: 333492
20% off
£30.00 £24.00
Price per bottle of 50cl
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Tue 29 - Sun 04 Oct
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A unique spirit made of 8 ingredients from Asia and Italy. Flavours of star anise, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut and mint...
Cocktail Suggestion

Silk Route Negroni

30ml Cadello
15ml Opihr Gin
Splash Vermouth
Orange zest garnish

Because Cadello has a particular depth and complexity, it has a full range of flavours and takes one on a bit of a sensory journey. On the palate, flavours of star anise and mint give way to coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut. For the Silk Route Negroni, stir over ice for 30-40 seconds and strain into a rocks glass with ice. Garnish with orange zest. Simply warm and delicious.
About The Distillery
In our pursuit of creating a unique new spirit, we asked ourselves "What spirit would the wealthy Venetian merchants of the 18th century have created to serve at their lavish masked balls?" Our answer, Cadello, has a long 60 second finish that takes you on a bit of a journey and ultimately unveils flavours of coffee, chocolate, star anise, mint and vanilla, with hints of caramel, hazelnut and toffee.

Distilleria Pisoni was founded by the Pisoni family in 1852. Since that time, for that last 168 years, the Pisoni family have produced some of the finest grappe, liquori, spumante and vino santo in northeastern Italy. Distilleria Pisoni not only employs the family's long-standing traditions and experience, but also all available modern methodologies in the production and creation of spirits.

To produce Cadello, Distilleria Pisoni infuses, distills and blends a unique combination of 8 ingredients from Italy and from places along the old Silk Route. Each of the ingredients is infused for different periods. The infusions are then separately distilled. Finally, the distillates are carefully blended and aged in French oak barrels (with coffee beans inside the barrels) until the perfect depth, complexity and smoothness is achieved. The recipe took 3 years to develop.

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