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Daymark 1683 Rum 70cl

Daymark 1683 Rum 70Cl

Type Spirits, Rum
Country/Region United Kingdom, Cornwall
Alcohol 42%
Product number: 295678
Price per bottle
Sorry, this product is no longer available.
A British craft rum, inspired by the unmistakable landscape and maritime heritage of the Isles of Scilly. Daymark 1683 Original is triple distilled in small batches and infused with island samphire and Atlantic sea salt to complement the rich caramel tones of this distinctive rum. A gorgeous rum with notes of caramel, a touch of treacle with the delicious after taste of the samphire and salt.
The Distilling Process
We believe using molasses intensifies the flavour, producing a richer spirit. That said, it is not just the practice that makes our rum so delicious. Temperature control is harder; lots more can go wrong; it is more expensive and the yield is much lower, not to mention how messy the stuff is! However, the extra cost and effort are worth it, as there is no comparing a rum made with molasses to one made with sugar cane syrup. The rum has a much more well rounded and fuller taste spectrum, and the esters are unbeatable. The effect of triple distilling molasses in copper alembic stills produces gorgeous notes of raisins, cracked caramel and treacle, heightened by a smoothness that warms but never burns. The rum wash is distilled in our 200-litre copper alembic stills. Between the first and second 'cook' we macerate with the hand-picked Samphire and sea salt. We then go on to distil twice more, the final one being with the English Oak.

The Samphire and Sea Salt were chosen as ingredients for two main reasons. Firstly they add a delicious and unique flavour to the Rum, secondly, they are plentiful and natural from the Isles of Scilly. The Samphire is handpicked from the beach at the end of our garden and the sea salt is simply manufactured using saltwater and the sun for the drying process.
About the Distillery
At the distillery, our aim is to distil the world's finest Rum from cradle to grave. No shortcuts, no compromises. This means distilling the Rum ourselves, from scratch, in genuinely small batches. We employ every technique available to us to achieve the highest quality and best taste; regardless of time, effort or expense.

Founded in 2011 by Dr John Walters, we consider ourselves to be Englands original small batch distillers. In that time, we have accumulated an unrivalled wealth of distilling experience, distilling well over 100 different products for ourselves and our clients. In fact, we were the first to distil rum in the UK.

We want people to join us on our journey of discovery through the world of premium spirits, and ultimately we hope to bring about a revolution in how people view, eat and drink this exciting new form of cuisine.

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