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Renegade London Wine Bethnal Bubbles 2.1

Renegade London Wine Bethnal Bubbles 2.1

Type Sparkling
Grapes Seyval Blanc, Solaris
Country/Region United Kingdom
Food pairing Game
Product number: 381877
Price per bottle
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Evolution by Renegade - Bethnal Bubbles 2.1

Grapes grown in Hertfordshire, England

Grape variety: Solaris

Vintage: 2018

Hop Flowers: Nelson Sauvin (2019 crop) & Citra (2019 crop)

Bethnal Bubbles 2.1 is a dry hopped sparkling wine made from English Solaris grapes, hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Citra after the first fermentation, then bottle fermented to go fizzy. Left of lees then riddled and disgorged but left slightly cloudy. Zero dosage - so no sugar additions.

We made Bethnal Bubbles 1.1 and 1.2 in 2017 and 2018 – these were wines made from Herefordshire Seyval Blanc and hopped with Citra and Mosaic hops. If you recall this wine was made from grapes picked for sparkling so quite acidic. The hop choice was also aimed to bring out the citrus notes and it was a lemon peel punch of a wine, wrapped in hops.

Bethnal Bubbles 2.1 is an altogether different beast. The wine for this version is made from the grape Solaris, grown in Hertfordshire. Solaris is a more aromatic grape variety than Seyval and the grapes for this wine were picked for a still, so it is more rounded, less acidic and a little more textured. The hop blend is also different. We did trials with Opus, Galaxy, Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic, Nelson and a few other before picking the 50/50 Nelson Sauvin/Citra mix up.

Bethnal Bubbles 2.1 is a slightly more approachable version but no less hoppy or bold. It’s punchy and aromatic like a very hoppy fresh craft IPA. Notes of elderflower, mango, gooseberry and tropical fruits on the nose. On the palate it’s medium palate weight, textured, medium acidity and structured. The slightly hazy complexion adds to the palate weight and finish. It’s a refreshing drop that leaves you wanting more. Dangerously sessionable, but beware, it’s 12% alcohol.

Why is it called Evolution and not Renegade?

We wanted to draw a line between wines made from 100% hand harvested fresh grapes brought to the winery in London and made into wines that people would clearly identify as wines (albethey innovative, different, and game changing) AND products where we have pushed the boundaries of winemaking to a point that make them less of a pure wine and more of an innovative winey drink. A hopped wine is a clear example of this. The use of hops is not permitted in traditional winemaking rules and as such, we need to clearly label this product as an aromatised wine based drink, despite it being made only from grapes.

Evolution is a sister brand. The label is clearly from the same business but rather than showcasing the customers on our bottles, these wines showcase the pets of our customers. The first wines have the eyes of dogs but expect to see more birds, cats and other creatures as time goes by.

The dog is called Daisy and she's a weimaraner

We are bringing out more products under the Evolution brand later this year and next.

If anyone cares, this wine, like all our wines, is vegan friendly. This doesn't mean they wave to vegans in the street, they are just made without the use of any animal based winemaking products.

Please be aware that this product is unfiltered/unfined and may therefore be cloudy or contain some sediment.
About the Winery
"Breaking The Rules. One Bottle At A Time"

Renegade London Wine is a cutting edge Urban Winery based in Bethnal Green, East London.

They do not grow grapes. They purchase small parcels of top quality grapes from around the UK and Europe, hand harvest them and race them back to London and make wine.

When they started making wine in 2016 they were copycat winemakers. They asked the growers how they should make wine with their grapes, and they did what they said. This was a mistake. They should't be copying other styles. London should be leading the charge on new wine styles, winemaking approaches and using both ancient and modern techniques.

So in 2017 they changed. Our wines change year on year and they rarely repeat a wine or style. They make around 12-14 wines a year with a total current production of around 28,000 bottles. This may sound like a lot but it's really tiny for a commercial winery. This is one of the main reasons our wines are not cheap. They try to keep them as affordable as possible but they know that they need to be worth the money.

Each label shows the eyes of a different person who lives in the UK. They may not be born in the UK, they may not have gone to school in the UK, but they're part of this country. They each form a key part of the rich tapestry that makes the UK special. As as urban winery based in London, many of the faces are Londoners. That's just how it's worked so far. Anyone can apply to be on the labels.

Crafted by world class young winemakers, Renegade makes modern, innovative, premium wines here in London. Why? No appellation rules, no tradition, no BS. Just great wine.

Top Quality. Modern Wine. Made With Love In London.

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