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Renegade London Wine Red Duo

Renegade London Wine Red Duo

Type Red
Grapes Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, Nero di Troia
Country/Region United Kingdom
Product number: 381078
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£48.00 £43.00
Price per bottle: £21.50
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Buy these two reds together and save yourself a few quid.

Both grown in Italy but made in London. These two beauties are not what you would normally expect from the grapes, they have been given a new and different lease of life by the Renegade winemaking team.

Josh - 2019 Sangiovese - Chianti but not. Softer and lighter and more aromatic. Puglian grown, aromatic, soft, approachable, fruity, gently oaked London style of this Italian classico. Josh has an incredible story too. Look up Josh Boggi on google. A real survivor and inspiration.

Courtney - 2019 Nero Di Troia - Often this grape is made into a bold, tannic and almost dried grape/Amarone style, however, this is nothing like that. This was picked slightly earlier to lock in a slightly lighter, fresher and more aromatic style. It’s a very interesting wine with a spicy, unusual nose. Cardamom and palma violets and has similarities in terms of style to Pinot Noir.

About the Winery
"Breaking The Rules. One Bottle At A Time"

Renegade London Wine is a cutting edge Urban Winery based in Bethnal Green, East London.

They do not grow grapes. They purchase small parcels of top quality grapes from around the UK and Europe, hand harvest them and race them back to London and make wine.

When they started making wine in 2016 they were copycat winemakers. They asked the growers how they should make wine with their grapes, and they did what they said. This was a mistake. They should't be copying other styles. London should be leading the charge on new wine styles, winemaking approaches and using both ancient and modern techniques.

So in 2017 they changed. Our wines change year on year and they rarely repeat a wine or style. They make around 12-14 wines a year with a total current production of around 28,000 bottles. This may sound like a lot but it's really tiny for a commercial winery. This is one of the main reasons our wines are not cheap. They try to keep them as affordable as possible but they know that they need to be worth the money.

Each label shows the eyes of a different person who lives in the UK. They may not be born in the UK, they may not have gone to school in the UK, but they're part of this country. They each form a key part of the rich tapestry that makes the UK special. As as urban winery based in London, many of the faces are Londoners. That's just how it's worked so far. Anyone can apply to be on the labels.

Crafted by world class young winemakers, Renegade makes modern, innovative, premium wines here in London. Why? No appellation rules, no tradition, no BS. Just great wine.

Top Quality. Modern Wine. Made With Love In London.

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