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Festive food pairings

Whether you’re hosting or bringing the wine this festive season, choose impeccable pairings with our curated selection to complement every dish and occasion.

Aperitifs and canapés

Bubbly is your most versatile ally. Perfect as a kickstarter, plus great with rich starters like fried bites and smoked salmon canapés. Dry and chilled whites are another option.

Turkey and beef pairings

With Turkey, a medium-bodied Pinot Noir is a great all-around choice and pairs well with roast potatoes and brussel sprouts. A full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon is a popular choice with beef.

Vegan dish pairings

Wine with a nice acidity like Vermentino or dry Riesling will cut through rich or salty vegan dishes. Oaked Chardonnays are a good match for a nut roast.

Cheese pairings

Pairing options for cheese are endless. Pair blue cheese with sweeter wines like Tawny port; or choose nutty Chardonnay for Gruyere. For a good all-round choice, try a sweet and spicy Malbec.

Festive desserts

With Christmas pudding serve something equally intense like Sherry or sweet wine. For a lighter contrast, try a sparkling rosé to refresh your palate. Sherry works particularly well with a Yuletide chocolate log.