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Elemental Cornish Gin 42% 70cl

Elemental Cornish Gin 42% 70Cl

Type Spirits, Gin
Country/Region United Kingdom, Cornwall
Alcohol 42%
Product number: 252841
Price per bottle
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Elemental Cornish Gin is produced in small batches, handcrafted in a traditional copper still using locally sourced Cornish spring water and a closely guarded list of twelve of the finest botanicals sourced from around the world, including hand picked Cornish chamomile. Pronounced juniper and citrus notes dominate this gin, with a long gently spicy finish.

These botanicals are gently steeped in warm organic spirit overnight to release the oils before straining and beginning the distillation process. As the distillate comes through the copper-headed still the heads and tails and discard and only the very heart of the distillate is kept. This is a pivotal moment in the creation of Elemental, as only using scent does the master distiller know when to collect this prime distillate, something that takes a great deal of skill and practice to master, a true art form. Our gin is distilled extremely slowly over twelve hours in a single-shot method to obtain the finest delicate flavours, unlike mass produced gin!

About The Distillery
Our aim with Elemental Cornish Gin was to create an artisan Cornish gin. We use the more traditional and expensive one shot method of making gin rather than using a concentrate as many commercial gins do. After distillation it is so good we dont need to add anything except the finest Cornish spring water to create our unique, complex and well balanced flavour. Combining this attention to detail, our use of outstanding botanicals and the pure passion injected by our family, it is a gin like no other.

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