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24 Sparkling white Wine CAN party SLAB

24 Sparkling White Wine Can Party Slab

Type White, Sparkling
Alcohol 11%
Product number: 164867
14% off
£2.29 £1.98
Price per bottle of 20cl
Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Winebuyers Exclusive price - 14% off less than £2 per delicious sparkling can! RRP per can £3.50

Bring the party home!

A naturally fermented sparkling white wine in a slim 200ml aluminum can. Lighter and more portable than glass, chills faster, easy to crush and dispose when empty. The wine is naturally fermented from Trebbiano and the rare Pagadebit grapes grown in Emilia-Romagna. The second fermentation to give the wine it’s sparkle occurs in tank in the same way as some Prosecco, though the sugar content is lower than most Prosecco at 8mg/litre compared to a standard 12mg/litre. It is as natural as can be, a purist’s delight with no added CO2 or glycerin. Light, refreshing, zesty, quaffable and a mere 11% ABV. Perfect as an aperitif, straight from the can or use it as a cocktail base, the choice is yours. - Semi-sparkiling / 11% ABV

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