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Vinteloper Park Red 2017 (50cl)

Vinteloper Park Red 2017 (50Cl)

Type Red
Grapes Dolcetto
Country/Region Australia
Vintage 2017
Product number: 226289
Price per bottle of 50cl
Sorry, this product is no longer available.
First rule of Park Wine? There are no rules for Park Wine. Drink it in the park, the beach, the back garden, at the cricket, in your bathtub, we don't care. Think about wine differently: how it's made, how it's packaged and how it's enjoyed.
Dave Bowley, Vinteloper founder and winemaker, has sourced some bright, fresh Dolcetto from Langhorne Creek for this 2016 Park Red, packaged in 50cl stubby bottles. Why Dolcetto? Because it offers plush fruit, max drinkability, and soft, low-slung tannins. Serve it chilled, or don't, it's up to you (we like it chilled, drunk from the bottle, for what it's worth). Unfined and unfiltered, it's a little natural number and utterly delicious.
Dave makes about 2,000 bottles of this a year, we bring over just about half for summer. It's now sold out Down Under, but we still have some for you to enjoy here. What are you waiting for?


Langhorne Creek | South Australia | AUSTRALIA



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