Giving a well chosen, thoughtful gift really is one of life’s great pleasures. But what if your intended recipient is really into their whisky, and you just don’t have a clue? Well we’ve rounded up some of the best whisky gifts around, so you can impress and delight with a present that will be spoken about for years to come!

Whisky enthusiast profile: 
The traditionalist

The traditionalist is rather, well, traditional in their whisky tastes. They don’t want any fancy marketing gimmicks, no weird shaped bottles or quirky labels and certainly no ‘modern’ flavours. They want a tipple that looks like a whisky and tastes like a whisky. 

The Ardbeg distillery is regarded by many as one of the best in the world so is a great choice for any whisky enthusiast. Considered among Islay’s finest, Ardberg whiskies are full of the peaty, smoky flavour that makes this style so recognisable. 

Single malts in general are also very reliable choices in this instance. Glenmorangie, Glenfiddich, The Glenlivet, and The Macallan are just a few other excellent Scottish distilleries that have been producing whiskies for centuries. 

Whisky enthusiast profile: 
The novice

Many people get to a certain age and decide that they really should be into whisky by now. It can be a hard spirit to decipher, with so many contrasting styles to choose from. Just where do you start? 

Some of the really peaty styles, such as Islay, can be hard to appreciate so it’s best to start with a lighter and smoother whisky (or whiskey!). For example, Bourbon is a little more approachable than Scotch whisky, and a bit less complicated so makes a great place to start your whisky journey. 

Eagle Rare produces some great whiskeys, full of all the sweet vanilla, candied peel and honey flavour that you expect from a great Bourbon. 

Whisky enthusiast profile: 
The trend setter

We all have that one achingly cool friend that you’re so nervous to buy for. You want to pick something interesting and quirky, but don’t want to look like you’ve tried too hard.

For an effortlessly cool whisky gift, why not try something a little different with a great story? The Cotswolds Distillery has only been running since 2014, but have already won a legion of fans and some serious awards, including Best English Single Malt at the 2019 World Whiskies Awards for their Cotswolds Founders Choice Whisky. Aged in American oak red wine barriques, it has oodles of toffee, oak and red fruit notes to offer something a little different from the usual.

Whisky enthusiast profile: 
The explorer 

For a whisky enthusiast who’s eager to discover hard-to-find, small-batch elixirs.

Keepr’s is a one-of-a-kind distillery based in Oxfordshire, producing a range of small-batch spirits infused with pure British honey. The  Keepr’s Smoked Honey Bourbon is exceptionally smooth, a perfect blend of smoked sweetness and golden caramel along with gentle vanilla and hints of oak-aged spice. Definitely something different to taste that will surprise your explorer friend. 

Whisky enthusiast profile: 
The curious mind  

For the drinker who’s not afraid of blind tasting and loves a challenge. 

What better way to learn and have fun at the same time than blindtasting? Our tasting packs contain five small whisky samplers, all high quality drams from £28 to £85 worth whisky bottles. This will make for a night to remember. 


Hopefully this has given you a few ideas and the confidence to shop for your whisky enthusiast. If you need any more options, feel free to just ask us for advice.
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