To celebrate Global Wine Day on 18th February we uncover the most unexpected locations across the globe that produce the nation’s favourite tipple.  

Whether it be an unlikely vineyard located 3,600 feet above the ground, or wine aged 1,825 metres under the sea, we host a vast selection of incredible wines grown and produced in far-flung and unique locations across the world, sure to impress you and your friends.  

Where: in a desert - Jordan 

Set in the dramatic scenery of the basalt desert of Jordan, JR Wines are grown between the Ajloun Mountains and the Mafraq Plateau, in the north of the territory. Enjoying 330 days of sunlight a year and situated on fertile volcanic soils, the vineyards give life to over forty international grape varieties. Jordan’s first winery, Haddad Estates & Vineyards was founded in 1953 with the mission to reestablish the country on the world map of wine and revive the nation’s wine history which dates back to 30 BC. 

Where: on a cliff edge – China 

Rongzi Winery is set in the Shanxi region of central China – 3,600 feet above the ground – an area with deep roots in the early formation of Chinese civilisation. The high altitude in this region ripens the vines by day and preserves their freshness by night. Jean-Claude Berrouet, former winemaker of the famous Château Pétrus, overlooks the winery to ensure the production of exceptional wine with guaranteed elegance and finesse. 

Where: in volcanic soil – Italy 

Terrafusa is a small domain producing high-quality wine from old vines grown at 870 metres above sea level on black volcanic soil of Mount Etna, Italy. The name Terrafusa refers to the volcanic soil and the colourful, unpredictable nature of the island and its inhabitants. The vineyard plays host to albarello old vines, gorgeous plump grapes and a spectacular view of the volcano. 


Where: on a riverbank – Portugal 

Situated on the right bank of the Douro River, Quinta de Covela straddles the Douro Valley region to the East, and the Vinho Verde to the West. The vineyard enjoys a maritime and continental microclimate with higher rainfall than the Douro Valley. The granitic and sandy soils are ideal for the production and freshness of white wine. 

Where: under the sea – Croatia 

The Peljesac Peninsula is a wine region on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. There, on the sunny banks of the coast, the Edivo Vina winery offers a story that belongs to their land - and their sea. Their wine, once bottled, is placed in a terracotta amphora and given to the Adriatic sea (1,825 meters under) to mature for one to two years.

Where: in the middle of a city – London, England 

Renegade London is a cutting-edge urban winery based in Bethnal Green, East London. They purchase small parcels of top-quality grapes, hand harvest them and race them back to London to make wine. Crafted by world-class young winemakers, Renegade creates modern, innovative, and premium wines that are made with love.  

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