You’ve stocked up with tinned food and packets of pasta. Now what?
When you're stuck in isolation, mealtimes matter and wine is essential.If you find solace in a glass of wine and a nice meal we’ve got you covered. From baked beans to rice pudding, we’ve curated a gourmet selection of easy recipes and delicious wine pairings to spice up your food cupboard menu.

Baked beans on toast 
with Merlot or Shiraz

A national favourite, baked beans are made from a reduction of sugar and vinegar that forms the base of the sauce. Look for fruit-driven reds from warm climates such as a Merlot from Chile or Aussie Shiraz. These wines are full-bodied with intense aromas of blackberries and a spicy touch which make them ideal with a comforting plate of beans on toast. 


Frozen pea soup 
with Sauvignon Blanc 

The natural sweetness in frozen peas pairs well with the aromatic and bright expressions of New World Sauvignon Blancs. Lean and crisp, these white wines are extremely flexible with food, and their herbaceous nature calls for ‘grassy’ ingredients such as peas. 


Instant Ramen
with Sake 

If a tasty noodle soup is your pantry pick, go for a full-Japanese option and pair with a Sake. The velvety texture, low-acidity and delicate flavours complement both the noodles and broth. 


Chicken and mushroom instant noodles 
with Chardonnay

Wine and broth can be tricky to pair, but the wine-friendly flavours of chicken and mushroom in this dish are easy to find a companion for. Try pairing with a round, lightly oaked Chardonnay as it complements both meat and vegetables.


Pesto pasta 
with Gavi di Gavi or Grüner Vetliner 

The simple but effective elements of pesto; grains, herbs, cheese and oil, pair with a wine that’s similarly effortless. Starch herbs and lipids also call for a white without too much fruit, such as a Gavi di Gavi if you want to go local (always the safest option!) or a Austrian Grüner Veltliner for originality. 


Linguine Aglio e Olio 
with a Portugese Red

Linguine, anchovy, garlic, chilli flakes and parsley is so scrumptious. It’s one of those perfect dishes where every element balances another, and it all comes together in ten minutes. Fresh and light Portuguese reds with fruity flavours serve this dish well without dominating it.  


Tuna penne in tomato sauce
with Red Beaujolais 

Picture a glossy, spiced, tomato sauce flecked with tuna. What started as a cupboard raid is now a feast. This dish requires a red wine, but nothing too tannic because of the oily nature of the fish. Reds with high acidity, medium-body and light tannins are ideally suited to a richer tomato sauce. Beaujolais wines are your perfect match here. 


Tinned Jackfruit
with Sparkling Rosé

This delicious and versatile vegan staple lends itself well to recreating meat-like textures and absorbing BBQ flavours. The thing we look for when pairing is freshness. A rosé sparkler with natural high levels of acidity and beautiful layers of redberries make for a mouth-watering pairing. 


Tinned rice pudding
with Sicilian Grillo wine

A stalwart of forgotten nooks in cupboards across the country, rice pudding is a nostalgic treat. While it might bring back memories of school dinners, combining this vanilla milk dessert with a sun-drenched, floral Sicilian wine which will elevate your pantry pudding. 

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  2. What a great article! Theses are very strange times but we are still trying to enjoy our meals with a good glass of wine and look forward to trying your recommendations and passing them on to our friends. Thank you!


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