With the finale of Strictly Come Dancing fast approaching, we thought you might be inspired to throw some dance moves yourself from the comfort of your own home. And here at Winebuyers, we think there’s no better way to dance than with a drink in hand. Put on your dancing shoes and follow our steps… 

Rumba with Pinot Noir 

It’s winter outside, so we might as well start with something that will keep you warm, or even hot! Internationally known for its torso erect and side to side hip movement, Rumba is the most sensual of Latin dances. It calls for a wine equally sensual, a wine with flesh and subtlety at the same time. 

A Pinot Noir from a continental climate is your ideal match. And your go-to destination is Central Otago, New Zealand. Wines from this region are concentrated with lots of ripe berry fruits. They often go through oak ageing and can also display aromas of sweet spices. 

Pasodoble with Toro wine 

Pasodoble is a fast-paced and colourful Spanish dance inspired by a bullfight. Passionate and physical, you’d be looking at a wine with intensity, something spicy and daring. Inevitably, where to look here is Spain and more specifically to the Toro region.

Toro (which translates as ‘bull’ in Spanish) is a small DO region located North West of Spain. Local red wines are made almost exclusively from the Tinta de Toro grapes. They are rich and opulently spiced due to oak barrels being widely used throughout the region. 

Quickstep with Assyrtiko

Cheerful, light and bright, Quickstep dance was born in the 1920’s in New York. It is instantly recognisable for its tricky and playful footwork. A wine to match this multi-influences dance is upbeat and complex, bursting with character and energy. 

The Greek grape variety Assyrtiko is our favourite partner in this instance. Coming from the heartland of Santorini, it produces clean wines with bright lemon flavours and excellent acidity. Grown on the island’s volcanic soils, Assyrtiko shows strength and character and has an amazing ability to express terroir.  

Jive with Champagne 

A happy dance, the Jive is full of kicks, flicks and pins. For a drink to match, what happier wine than a lively bottle of fizz? Champagne here is the ultimate choice. 

The famous luxurious sparkling wine is all about parties, exuberance and noise. Its bottle also contains an unbelievably high pressure which when released makes the cork jump. The Jive is much the same with the added anxiety of not bruising your partner’s feet.

Samba with Lambrusco 

A bright coloured dance, Samba was created by African people in Brazil. Sexy and exuberant, it is most associated with parties and carnival. 
Lambrusco is the ideal partner to Samba. Frothy with a generous purple mousse, this red sparkler from Emilia-Romagna, Italy is a true festive drink. Thanks to a new generation of producers, Lambrusco has seen a resurgence in recent years with the best examples displaying a vibrant mix of tart black and red fruit. 

Viennese Waltz with Northern Rhône

Viennese Waltz is probably one of the oldest of all ballroom dances. Reserved and formal, this traditional dance is characterised by rotary movements. It pairs with a wine of elegance and prestige. 

A Northern Rhône Syrah makes for a graceful accompaniment to the Viennese Waltz. Considered some of the world’s best wines, reds from Northern Rhône Valley are evocative of a previous age. The region inhabits some of the oldest vineyards of France, growing the long-lived Hermitage and prestigious Côte Rôtie. Like the dance, these wines are structured and long lasting. 

American Smooth with Sangiovese 

A classic ballroom dance, the American Smooth is - as its name says - harmonious and romantic. Emotional and composed, it is made of smooth lifts, spins and drops. 

A wine to match here is a Tuscan Sangiovese. One of Italy’s star grape varieties, Sangiovese is home to the region of Tuscan in Italy where it shows its most refined expression. These wines are distinguished, marked with finesse and elegance.  

And there you have it! Now pick your dance and find your ultimate dance partner browsing our shop. Let us know in the comments which pairing you’d be testing over the festive season. 

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