Great offers, exclusive wines from across the globe and a big sense of community. These are just a few of the benefits you get from being part of an online wine club. There’s more interest in wine than at any time in the history of our planet. Part of that is down to the growth in winemaking regions and the development of new vineyards across the globe. But popularity has also been driven by the online world, making new and exciting vintages easily available at an affordable price, helping to educate and inform those of us who love wine. Whether you’re a confirmed wine connoisseur or an enthusiastic amateur, you may have thought about joining a wine club. Here are just some of the benefits you are likely to get when you become a part of the Winebuyers community:

Discovering new wines

A great wine club should not only have a thriving community but also provide a doorway to greater variety and deliver something way beyond your average online store. At Winebuyers, we’re committed to introducing you to great new wines that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Connect direct to the source

An online wine club like puts you in direct connection with individual vineyards and specialist merchants. We don’t mark up prices which means that you pay exactly the same as your would from the supplier. In addition, you get a whole host of information about the producers and the winemaking process so you can really impress your friends.

Access to 27,000 different wines

Whether you prefer a full bodied Bordeaux or a crisp Chardonnay, our club gives you the opportunity to browse some 27,000 different wines across 38 countries around the world. That gives you the opportunity to indulge your favourites but also find specialist and exciting new wines, perfect for your next social occasion.

Find the right wine for any social occasion

Our wine club is built on being honest about the wines we present online. It’s not about favouring one vineyard or wine type over another so we can make a profit. We know you want to make that choice. It’s aimed at making your life easier so that when you have a party or need a specific wine, you’ll find all the tools and information you need to make the perfect pairing.

Choosing your wine has never been easier

The bigger the choice, the more overwhelming the selection? Not on We offer a specialist food pairing filter with recommendations direct from the producers to help you make the perfect selection. From cheese and desserts to sushi, barbeques and more, ease your search by checking out which wines will be an ideal match for every taste and budget.

Join a community that cares about wine

There’s nothing wine lovers love more than other wine enthusiasts. We are not a supplier or merchant, our aim is to simply help bring together the best wine in production across the globe and make it available to our community. That means our club is more focused on providing all those value added extras rather than just a bottle of wine.

Learn about wine, wow your friends

On top of having 27,000 different bottles of wine for you to choose from, we know that our community also really wants to learn more. We’ve got plenty of tips, blogs and wine pairing ideas available online for anyone who joins the club.

Support small wine makers

Many of the producers we deal with don’t sell wine that ends up on your average supermarket shelf. They make small quantities of high quality wine that is available through a limited number of outlets, many of whom we represent. At Winebuyers you’ll find these kinds of producers given the coverage they deserve. That means you’re not only have new and exciting wines but you’re at the forefront of supporting vineyards winemakers trying to shake up the world of wine and make their mark.

Join the club

We really want wine from all around the world to be accessible to everyone. If you want to be able to buy direct from the source with no marked up prices and access the best wines with ease, join our wine club today. Membership is completely free so what are you waiting for?

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