If you’re planning a romantic night in with mouth-watering and excellent wine for Valentine’s Day, we have the perfect selection for the right balance of passion and culinary delight.
Just follow our food and wine pairing menu below.

To start… Oysters and English sparkling wine 

Oysters and sparkling wine is one of the most famous food and wine pairing duos.

The velvety texture of the oysters contrasts with the fizziness of the wine while their acidity levels harmonise. The more acidic the wine is, the greater it will compliment your favourite seafood, so look for a sparkling wine produced in a cool climate region.
English Sparkling Wine makes for an outstanding pairing. 


If you want to impress the wine lover in your life, we recommend this Blanc de Noirs (100% Pinot Meunier) from East Sussex. Currently the only English Blanc de Noirs, this wine captures the black fruit romance of the grape and creates a rich, rounded wine, filled with blackberry and blueberry flavours, elegant mousse and a clean finish. Shucked rock oyster with a squeeze of lemon juice makes the match.

For the main event… Steak and full-bodied red wine

There’s nothing so deliciously decadent as a hearty steak accompanied by a glass of perfectly paired wine. Steak and red wine are classic partners, but the ideal wine pairing can depend on the cut and the way you cook your meat, as well as sauces and sides served alongside. 


If you’re looking for an option that’s full on the palate, this blend from the Adriatic coast of Italy flourishes alongside red meat. Owed to time spent ageing in both barrel and bottle, this red wine is aromatic and seductive with aromas of cherry and flora. On the palate, you will find the deep richness of plum and liquorice, along with a silky texture, mellow tannins and a gentle, rounded mouthfeel. 

For a sweet finish… Chocolate and fortified red wine

If you are serving a chocolate dessert, pairing a rich, satiny, fortified wine is an absolute must.
Red Port is the ideal companion to chocolate because of its generous texture with abundant flavours of dark fruits, chocolate, caramel and sometimes almonds.

There are many types of Port wines and they have significantly different tastes. 

Ruby and Late Bottled Vintage ports (LBV) are the sweetest, fruit-driven styles and pair amazingly with all kinds of chocolate desserts, including chocolate fruitcakes.
Tawny port is slightly dryer with nutty aromas which makes it an excellent pairing to intensely sweet chocolate puddings.
Vintage ports are made from high quality grapes and selected vintages, they also tend to be less sweet and call for the finest chocolate delights like French chocolate truffles. 

Created in traditional granite lagars and aged in old casks, this Portuguese tawny port is elegant, opulent and complex. If you’re feeling confident in your ability in the kitchen, this port pairs flawlessly when served chilled with a chocolate fondant dessert. 


You’re now all set for Valentine’s Day.

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