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Strictly dance and wine pairing guide

With the finale of Strictly Come Dancing fast approaching, we thought you might be inspired to throw some dance moves yourself from the comfort of your own home. And here at Winebuyers, we think there...

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Top 10 wine facts for a virtual pub quiz

This year has been tough all round. Mostly when we look back on 2020 we’ll think of lockdown, face masks and social distancing and hope that we can soon consign that all to history. But there is...

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Ribera del Duero: Wine and food pairing

The wine producing region of Ribera del Duero is the jewel in the crown of Castilla y León, Spain where it flanks the Douro River. Found a couple of hours north of Madrid, its wines are known f...

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Wine region spotlight: Ribera del Duero

In a year of locking down and looking inwards, broaden your wine horizons and discover Ribera del Duero. Home to some of the most sought-after and lauded wines in Spain where the Tempranillo grape is ...

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Pairing wine with fish: it’s not all about white

Pairing wine and food is easy, right? Red wine with red meat and white with chicken and fish. While those often repeated ‘rules’ might hold true in most cases, there is a little more to it...

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How to identify corked wine

Have you ever had a glass of wine that just didn’t taste quite right? While there are a few faults that can taint a good wine, a bad cork is one of the most common. So what is it exactly and how...

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6 unique cocktails to impress your friends

From spirits inspired by 18th century Venetian balls to gins infused with wild-grown British botanicals... There’s a whole world of spirits out there. One thing they have in common is a dedicati...

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An introduction to American wine

Did you know that Americans have been making wine for centuries? Vines were first planted in the 16th century by European settlers but international acclaim for American wine is fairly recent. A ma...

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The Grape Diaries: Tempranillo

Chances are you’re familiar with Tempranillo. After all, it’s the dominant variety in Rioja, Spain’s most famous red wines. While you’ve probably tasted it and loved it, there&...

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How to drink wine sustainably? Cans, pouches & boxes

Are you a wine lover looking for ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle? You’re not alone, and today there are plenty of options out there to help you sip your vino without it costing the ear...

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Prosecco: What you need to know

Do you like your bubbly fresh, fruity and affordable? Cue Prosecco, the Italian fizz that has taken the nation by storm in recent years. Fun, easy to sip and versatile, Prosecco is the ideal sparkler ...

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What’s so great about Chablis?

If you like your white wine chilled, dry and as crisp as they come, chances are you’re quite partial to a glass of Chablis. But just how much do you know about this famous French wine? Well, let...

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